Turning Science Fiction Into Fact

Our Prismpoint System provides digital asset management and workflow support at a galactic scale.
 Gregarious. Profound in its depth. A hub where you can manage, publish and archive your files with ease.

  • Cloud-architected, not just hosted in the cloud
  • Flow photos from shoot to web with Capture Fox
  • Markup platform, touch-enabled
  • Revolutionary integration with your local file system
  • Private social platform, including audio/video chat
  • Powerful alerts reach you by text message
  • View and analyze the layer structure of Photoshop files

An Ecosystem for Media

The Prismpoint System is a family of applications that supports the planning, capture, refinement, publishing, and archiving of media. Prismpoint Portal is the web application at the center of the system, architected for the cloud, able to scale internationally and carry enterprise loads of data and media.

Prismpoint Generator is its sister application, a workhorse able to produce output files from your sanctified source materials. Whatever the naming convention, format, compression, metadata injection, cropping rules, or other parameters you need to address, it stands ready to produce your deliverables at lightning speed.

Capture Fox™ is the magic bridge between your local capture session and Prismpoint Portal. It will flow your photo shoot directly into your DAM in near real-time (or at any other time you choose, say, after pre-selects are made in Capture One) so stakeholders around the world can not only rate or rank, but markup images and advance parallel efforts (we recently finished retouching all the rush imagery for a shoot before the shoot was over).

Our touch-enabled markup tool allows you to comment and markup imagery anywhere you have access to a browser. This platform is proven and mature, used by the most discerning art directors in the world.

Primpoint Markup Tool

Our developers work side-by-side with our post-production specialists, forming an ideal feedback loop that results in the most feature-complete tool for post-production that exists.

The Prismpoint System is architected for the modular scalablity, durability, and security offered by the mighty Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure.

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